4 Reasons You Should Never Replace Your Own Roof

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DIY is all the rage these days. Want to build a cabinet? Replace a table leg? Frame a picture? Just a simple click on YouTube and you’re able to watch a short instructional video. It’s that easy!

It feels good, doesn’t it? With this new found confidence, you think “hey! maybe it’s time to tackle a bigger project!” You need a new roof. That should be a simple four-minute video, right?


Well, let’s say that a different way… while you could take the risk of doing it yourself, we’ve made a clever list of why that may be a bad idea.

Here are 4 reasons why

1. You could cause more damage long term

You’re missing a shingle. You decide to replace it, and all looks well. How can you be sure the problem is repaired? In the world of roofing, there’s much more to it than just making sure the shingles are in line. Your roof has several layers that work together in a complex system to protect your home. Professional roofers are able to locate potential problems, unlike a person with an un-trained eye. Something as simple as a small leak in the attic could turn into a giant flood in your master bedroom… and you wouldn’t know it until you walked in to find your home ruined.


2. Your “repairs” will void your home warranty

If you attempt to install a roof on your own, you are basically placing a high-risk bet that you won’t encounter any problems down the road. Even if you pull off a perfect Bob-Villa-style installation, you won’t have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your materials are covered by your warranty. If any repairs or a full replacement are needed in the future, you will be forced to pay out of pocket. Doing the work yourself might save you a few bucks right now… but it will almost certainly cost you way more down the road.

You could severely injure yourself

Installing a roof may look easy on YouTube, but it’s dangerous work. It may not be a big deal if you smack your thumb with the hammer while you’re repairing a picture frame. But mistakes on a high elevation roof are definitely more dangerous. The ground may not look very far away, but the twenty-foot fall can leave you with concussions, broken bones, or something even worse.


4. DIY roofs don’t actually save you money

In all reality, you don’t really save money when you DIY your roof. Replacing a few worn or missing shingles is one thing. Tearing off the entire roof is another. Professional roofers know the problem areas to look for in a roof’s decking. They have experience and expertise of identifying damage and providing homeowners with the most cost-effective way to fix it. If you handle your own roof repairs and fail to locate other major problems, it will end up costing you more when you’re forced to hire a professional to replace your DIY work.


Ultimately, the answer is yes… you can repair or replace your own roof. However, we would not suggest that you actually try it. There are too  many ways to cause damage to the roof or injure yourself if you don’t take the proper precautions. Mistakes like these can end up costing you far more than the money you saved by NOT hiring a qualified roofing company in the first place.

Which brings us to our next point… We’re here. We’re professional. We can help you. 😉

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