6 Reasons You May Need a New Roof

Roof Replacement

Do you own a house? Are you thinking of putting your home up for sale? Is your current roof ten years old or older? HammerHead Roof recommends that you get a free property inspection to check for potential damages. This is the first step in determining if you need a new roof replacement or just repairs.


6 reasons your how home may need a new roof:

  Shingles that are missing, torn, or broken

2    Soft or rotten sheathing

3    Holes in the roof that caused leaks


4    Shingles that have lost their coating (aka balding)

5    Thick moss or mold covering large areas of the roof

6    Shingles that are curled/cupped on the edges


Replacing a roof at the right time is crucial. When you wait too long, problems are more likely to increase… which could cost you more in the long run. A free property inspection is geared to learning exactly what your roof needs, (not what it doesn’t need), whether that means repairs, maintenance, or a complete new roof.

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