8 Weird But Simple Ways to Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

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As the temperatures continue to drop in the DFW Metroplex, the dreaded thoughts of high electric and gas bills get a lot more real. Aside from that, Texas is known for having unpredictable drops in temperature… and most homes in the area might not be prepared to handle it.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a few easy (and slightly un-traditional) tips to stay warm & cozy, and save money on your heating bills.


Here are 8 simple ways to keep your house warm in the winter:

 Curtains: close at night, open during the day

Curtains aren’t just for decoration. They are also helpful in maintaining the amount of light and heat that enters/leaves your home. Some insulated curtains work well for keeping your rooms warm by blocking the cool air from seeping in at night. Opening the curtains during the day allows the sunlight warm up your room naturally. Try it, and see if you notice a difference.

2   Reverse your ceiling fan

Did you know most ceiling fans have a switch that reverses the fan to rotate clockwise instead of counter-clockwise? It’s there for a reason: heat rises. Instead of turning your fans off, flip the switch. Turning your fan clockwise will push the heat back down into your rooms, rather than being trapped up at the ceilings.




3   Make sure your vents aren’t blocked

Go around the house and check that vents are open and that heat is coming through. Also be sure that there isn’t any large furniture blocking the ventilation. If there is, find a way to move your furniture out of the way, at least for the winter. This will help make sure that every room in your home is heating up to its max potential.

4   Keep bedroom doors closed

Simply leaving doors closed at night while letting the heat run like normal will keep the room nice and warm in the morning. This works in rooms that are used frequently throughout the day. On the other hand, close the vents in rooms that aren’t frequently used, but still keep the door shut. This helps to lower the heated square footage, and the warm air will spread quicker and easier through the house. This will also help to save on energy bills.

5   Use your oven… often

We normally associate winter holidays with baking and cooking, so let’s just keep that tradition alive. Baking things will keep your house warmer, especially in rooms nearest the kitchen. So if you needed an excuse to try a few dozen baking recipes you found on Pinterest, you can blame us.

6   Cover your hardwood / tile floors with rugs

Carpets and rugs were created for a reason: to keep rooms warmer. They’re much better at trapping heat than wood and tile floors. Try adding a rug or a roll of carpet to your floor in the winter, and you’ll notice a big difference… especially when you’re walking around barefoot.

7   Seal doors / windows where cold air can sneak in

Be aware of leaks in windows and doors. When heat rises in a home, it will pull in cool air from the outside through any gap it can find. This creates negative pressure in lower levels, which acts like a vacuum because the warm escaping air needs to be replaced. This pulls in the cold air and makes your home cold. This effect is magnified in taller homes (more air rising to greater heights), so be extra aware in homes with multiple stories. Seal those leaks with a caulking gun, or hire someone to help.

8   Get your roof inspected for leaks

Leaks in your roof and attic can create a big problem. Not only will your house be freezing, but your energy bill will likely go through the roof as well! Call HammerHead Roof.  It’s crucial to have a trusted professional roofing general contractor who knows what to look for, and knows how to stop leaks in your roof. Keep your home warm this winter.

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