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Today, there are over 3.7 million construction businesses in the US, and numerous other contractors too. This might sound awesome at first, but on second thought, having so many choices can be a nightmare.

There’s bound to be some bad apples, but you shouldn’t let them spoil the whole bunch. If you’re careful and smart about hiring a contractor, then you can pick someone who’s not only great, but also affordable.

To do this, you need to ask some questions before committing. Keep reading to see which questions to ask a contractor, so you select someone who’s optimal.

1) How Much Experience Do You Have?

Someone new to the industry can have fire and passion, which is fantastic for your home construction project. However, it’s a huge undertaking, and you probably don’t want to leave things to chance with a newcomer.

You need to know that the contractor can handle your project with ease and confidence, which only usually happens with years of experience. So it’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask, and it’s fine for you to opt for those with decades of experience rather than those who have just started last year.

2) Do You Have a License?

The contractor you hire needs to have a valid license in the relevant trades you need for your home remodel. Unlicensed contractors may offer lower prices, but it’s as they say: you get what you pay for.

The professionals who have taken the time to be properly licensed probably won’t cut corners with your job. Plus, their license will cover any legal issues that may arise.

3) Are You Insured?

On that note, you should also check that the contractor is insured. Even the most careful expert may suffer an injury, or something unexpected can happen during the job. In any case, you want to have peace of mind knowing that the contractor has the proper insurance policies in place to cover everything.

You should check that they have worker’s compensation insurance too. This is especially important if they have an entire crew working with them.

4) Can You Provide References?

A reputable contractor will have outstanding client reviews to back up their quality work. Often, you’ll be able to find these yourself on either their website or on review sites like Google Reviews or Yelp.

However, it’s a good idea to ask the contractor directly for references. Gauge their response; it’s a great sign if they provide these for you without hesitation. But it’s a red flag if they go around in circles or avoid giving you what you want.

5) How Many Projects Are You Working on Now?

The number of projects a contractor’s currently working on will tell you a lot about them. For one, if they have a fair amount of work, then this is a positive sign, as it means many clients trust them. On the other hand, if they have no other projects, it may be because they have a terrible reputation and all clients have opted to use someone else.

Another thing to consider is that if a contractor has too many projects in relation to their capacity, the quality of work on your project can become compromised.

6) Do You Use Subcontractors?

Another essential thing that’s related to the contractor’s capacity is whether they use subcontractors. Things can be more manageable if they subcontract work, so this enables them to take on more projects without compromising on quality.

However, this is a double-edged sword. It’s possible that the people they use won’t be as experienced or detailed as they are, so the results may not be as good as you’d expect.

If you find that the contractor you’re interested in does subcontract work, then ask about their process. Be clear on who’s working on your house and when, so there are no surprises. It’s also best if the contractor is there to supervise.

7) What’s the Estimated Timeline for My Project?

Even though no one’s clairvoyant, a reputable and experienced contractor should be able to provide you with an accurate timeline for when the work can be completed.

In fact, they should be able to provide you with detailed milestones before the final completion date. You should keep in mind that home construction projects often hit unexpected snags, so you shouldn’t hold the contractor to an exact date. You do have the right to ask about their future projects though; after all, you don’t want them to run off to another job before they finish yours.

8) Do You Include Cleanup Services?

Your home is your haven, so it can already be upsetting to have it torn up. It can feel even worse when you’re left with dust, dirt, and debris after every working day. In the worst-case scenario, you may be left with a huge pile of trash to deal with on your own after the job’s completed.

This makes it vital to inquire about cleanup services at the very beginning. You should also ask about any preventative measures they may take, such as sealing off vents and covering windows and doorways.

9) Do You Offer Free Quotes?

You should never have to pay to get a quote. Any contractor who charges is unscrupulous and should be avoided at all costs.

It’s in your best interest to request several estimates before making a final decision. This allows you to compare prices and services, and eliminate anyone who’s under or over-charging.

Know the Right Questions to Ask a Contractor

With the right questions to ask a contractor, you’ll quickly find out which are suited for your remodel and which you should cross off the list.

If you take the time to vet your local choices, you’ll most likely end up with a contractor who has affordable services and will give you excellent results. And the time invested will be well worth it!

If you need a reliable and professional contractor for your home renovation, then contact us now. We’ll give you a free inspection!

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