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Are You a Property Owner and in Need of General Contracting Services? 

Have you been struggling with certain contracting issues and need a trusted contractor to help? Not knowing what to do and who to call can also cost you added expenses.

We offer general contracting performed by trusted local professionals. 

You Are in Luck for General Contracting in North Richland Hills, TX 

Cherish the trusted local professionals when you hire us to solve your looking for a trusted contractor.  

We offer the best general contracting services in North Richland Hills, Texas. compress image 13 6

We care about our community, so we use the finest materials and a highly skilled contractor to service all of our customers.  

All of our contractors are certified and insured for your protection. They will be complying with all safety standards applicable. We also offer a two-year workmanship warranty on roof replacements, giving you peace of mind that a job has been done expertly.  

There are a myriad of general contracting services companies functioning in North Richland Hills, TX providing general contracting to the property owner.  

With this in mind, you might be asking yourself, ‘Why should you hire HammerHead Roof to take care of your contracting problems over another company in the area.’ To help you make the right decision (hiring us, of course!), we have listed the key benefits of working with us rather than one of the other general contracting service companies in the area:  

Looking for a Trusted Contractor? Get That Problem Solved with HammerHead Roof 

Here at HammerHead Roof, we take great pride in applying only the state of the art procedures, confirming that the services we produce are of the highest standards. Our innovative techniques for General Contracting will save you from pointless expenditures. 

The faster you call us, the quicker you can discover for yourself what it means to have experienced, friendly professionals in your corner. We are going to be able to address the looking for a trusted contractor, and we are going to be able to restore your property to its proper status. 

It should go without saying that you deserve the top in a professional, certified, experienced contractor when it’s all said and done. 

Call us now, and let us get started very soon. 

 We guarantee you won’t regret it!  

Excellent Contracting Results in North Richland Hills, TX 

If you are searching for a proficient contractor to fix your property damages, then HammerHead Roof is here for you. 

We are servicing all of North Richland Hills, TX, with contracting services. We have a team of professional Contractors that would provide quality General Contracting handiwork.  Our approaches for contracting incorporate the very innovative results in the General Contracting industry. Are you wanting to have correctly fixed contracting by a local contractor serving North Richland Hills, Texas? Contact us soon to schedule an appointment for your contracting needs. 

You Don’t Have to Live with Property Damages Any More! 

Would you relatively have correctly fixed contracting instead of property damages? Remember – even the most minor property damages it might become a nightmare if left uncorrected. Don’t let this happen to you.

When a property owner wants a dependable North Richland Hills contractor that they don’t have to think about, they call HammerHead Roof.

Don’t DIY Your Property Damages-Call The Pros!

We have helped numerous property owners to remedy their property damages with our contracting services.

Money does not grow on trees, and we understand that completely!  Therefore you don’t trust just anybody with the job; you want to guarantee you are putting your property in the hands of a contractor you can trust.

We don’t just want you to have a fantastic experience with your general contracting services. We want you to have such a tremendous experience that you’ll recommend HammerHead Roof to every one of your friends, family, and neighbors that are searching for the most outstanding general contracting services around! 

We know a lot of contractors claim to deliver state of the art, but we at HammerHead Roof have the track record testifying for us. 

North Richland Hills, TX, deserves our quality contracting services for its fellow residents.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, which is another reason we provide our two-year workmanship warranty on Roof Replacements (Transferable). 

Local North Richland Hills Contractors You Can Rely On

HammerHead Roof is a reputable contractor serving the residents of North Richland Hills, TX, and the surrounding areas since 2017. 

We’ll offer North Richland Hills General Contracting service on time and work with your needs, preferences, and budget to make sure that you’re completely thrilled with our work! Our team knows you’re busy, and your time is valuable- we respect that. 

Quality work, friendly client service, and helping the North Richland Hills community are just a few priorities Here at HammerHead Roof that we like to serve with care.

We believe serving people is our privilege, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

Trusted Experienced Local Contractors

We have perfected our contracting processes to provide you the highest quality of technique but at an affordable rate. 

Here at HammerHead Roof, we think “Safety First” on all of our assignments. This will ensure you will not experience any accidents caused by a negligent contractor. We abide by all of the safety requirements enforced by the regulating authorities. 

The goal is simple: safety.

The secret to providing the highest quality General Contracting service is our cutting edge tools and procedures. No time will be wasted with our well-prepared contractor equipped to handle any of your General Contracting services. Our Contractors are well trained to take any General Contracting job that is thrown their way.

From all of us at HammerHead Roof, our team takes pride in providing you with the most outstanding General Contracting service you will ever experience. Don’t settle for less than the top when it comes to your General Contracting services.

Discover the HammerHead Roof Difference

With HammerHead Roof, you are guaranteed that you get only the best.

We respect your time, so we strive to accomplish any General Contracting service quickly with the highest level of quality possible. You will find our competitive pricing is tailored for your convenience. We want nothing more than you to be completely thrilled with our General Contracting services. 

We hope you will consider HammerHead Roof for your General Contracting service in North Richland Hills, Texas. 

Located in North Richland Hills, TX, we strive to serve the property owner with General Contracting Services. Many of our contractors are from North Richland Hills, and multiple still live in the area, so you can believe us when we say we treat you like a neighbor—because you are! At HammerHead Roof, we value our customers greatly, and our reviews show it! We strive to please every North Richland Hills General Contracting client, which has led to our success.

Why use anything but the best, HammerHead Roof is available during our business hours to assist you according to your needs. 

North Richland Hills, TX doesn’t deliver any better contractor than HammerHead Roof. We treat our clients so well that we have been able to grow at a steady rate year after year.

Our North Richland Hills General Contracting team goes above and beyond to ensure that your roof damages are fixed right the first time. 

Call Today, and Join Countless Other Thrilled Property owners Who Chose HammerHead Roof! 

At  HammerHead Roof, we are proud to be known for our high-quality work and impressive customer support.

We can’t wait to start the day! Need more convincing? Give us a try, and you’ll see why!

Book an Appointment Now! 

See why HammerHead Roof is the Best Choice contractor in North Richland Hills, TX!

Why HammerHead Roof?

There are many good options, but there is only one best. Always choose the best – HammerHead Roof.

Local To Tarrant County

For years, we have been the locals’ best choice when it comes to roofing and contracting, and we strive to maintain this reputation for the years to come.

Free Inspections

We care about you and your property, so we offer free inspections on all roofing systems.

Quality Workmanship

It is our ultimate goal to provide quality services to North Richland Hills locals. Our talented pros will never fail you!

Financing Available

We offer free financing, which is another reason you should consider us for your next roofing needs.

We Love What We Do

You only want to entrust your roofing concerns to real professionals who genuinely love what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We primarily offer our services in North Richland Hills, Texas. We also cater to the roofing and contracting needs of our neighboring cities.

Yes, we offer free financing. We can’t wait to help resolve your roofing concerns.

Yes, we also offer free roofing inspections. We want to make sure that the problem is properly diagnosed before we proceed with any procedure.

Our roof replacement service comes with a 2-year transferable workmanship warranty.

Yes, we offer emergency roofing services and emergency tarp services. You can rest assured that we will respond immediately and effectively.


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We value customer care above all else. We want to make sure that they feel adequately cared for, so we let them enjoy our discounts and business offerings.

Free Property Inspections, Property Restoration Consulting, and General Contracting


Meet The Owner


Kim Marin


Say hello to HammerHead Roof’s Owner and CFO, Kimberly Joy Marin❕

Kim was born in Michigan, went to college in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and later went to Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California before moving to Texas. Growing up, Kim’s dad was a custom home builder and General Contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kim has been around construction her entire life.

Kim is also the children’s pastor at her church where her and husband met. She teaches the kids that there is no such thing as a jr Holy Spirit and they too have direct access to the Father. Kim enjoys ministry and wants to bring the Kingdom wherever she goes, including HammerHead Roof. Among this, Kim also leads a local infertility support group called Moms in the Making.
Kim enjoys the pool, going on adventures with her family, and is a lover of coffee. Her favorite dessert is pie and her favorite color is pink.

Her favorite shark is the whale shark. She even got to see them a few years ago when her and her family went the Georgia Aquarium.

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