How to Prepare Your Roof for Santa

Prepare Roof for Santa

The most wonderful time of the year approaches, and it will likely be here before you have time to finish making gingerbread houses.

But before you get the milk and cookies ready for old St. Nick, you may want to make sure he’s coming to your house this year!


Here are some helpful tips to prepare your roof for Santa’s big visit on Christmas Eve…



DO fix any loose tiles or shingles before his arrival.  Santa is not a skinny fella… and you don’t want the reindeer slipping as they come in for their landing.

DO clean your gutters prior to Christmas Eve. Do you want reindeer munching on dead leaves and debris while they wait for Santa? No way. Gutter leaves can give reindeer bad gas. Give Santa a break.

DO leave some carrots scattered on your roof for the reindeer. Santa’s reindeer could use the extra fuel for the long trip.



DON’T leave excessive decorations on your roof. Be sure there is plenty of room for the reindeer and sleigh to land and take off without damaging your fancy decor.

DON’T attempt to remove sleet, snow, or ice from your roof. This is dangerous… but it’s also Santa’s natural environment, and his sled is designed for all kinds of winter weather.

DON’T remove icicles that are hanging from your roof.  These are used by the reindeer as reflector lights, making for a much easier landing.

DON’T set up cameras on your roof to try and capture Santa. Not only will it distract the reindeer, but the frequencies between the camera and the electronics in the sleigh could cause some serious damage. If you really want a picture of Santa, he’s appearing at your mall in the next few weeks. It’s much easier.


If you need help inspecting your roof this holiday season, call HammerHead Roof. Making a few adjustments can save a lot of time and money, as well as keeping your home and family safe during the holidays. We’re on the nice list… and we’re here to help!

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