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Are You a Business Owner and in Need of Commercial Roof Repairs? 

Have you been struggling with roof damages? These roof damages could cost you further expenses if it is not fixed shortly by a quality roofer.   

Then it would help if you had commercial roof repairs to make sure that you have a correctly fixed roofing.  

There is Hope for Commercial Roof Repairs in North Richland Hills, TX   

Have correctly fixed roofing when you hire us to resolve your roof damages. For commercial roofing in North Richland Hills, TX area, you will be glad you came across HammerHead Roof.  

We care about our neighbors, so we use the best materials and a great roofer to service all of our community.

Commercial Roof Repairs

We provide fast, reliable, and trustworthy service for you and your family. We also offer a 2-year workmanship warranty on roof replacements on our roof repair services, giving you peace of mind that a job has been done effectively.  

There is a myriad of commercial roof repairs companies doing business in North Richland Hills, TX, providing commercial roofing to business owners.   

You might be thinking, ‘Why you should hire HammerHead Roof to take care of your roof damages, in preference to another company in the area.’ To help you make the right decision (hiring us, of course!), we have listed the key benefits of working with us rather than one of the other commercial roofing service companies in the area:

Get Your Roof Famages Fixed with HammerHead Roof 

At HammerHead Roof, we take great pride in applying only the newest approaches, confirming that the services we deliver are of the highest standards. Our latest procedures for roof repair services will save you from needless costs.  

The faster you contact us, the earlier you can discover for yourself what it means to have experienced, friendly professionals in your corner. We are going to be able to address the roof damages, and we are going to be able to return your home to its proper status.  

When it comes down to it, it should go without saying that you deserve the top in a professional, certified, experienced roofer. 

Call us as soon as possible, and let us get started very soon.  

We guarantee you won’t regret it!  

Supreme Roof Repairs in North Richland Hills, TX 

As a business owner, finding a North Richland Hills roofer you trust could be a massive pain. 

We are servicing all of North Richland Hills, TX, with Roof Repairs services. We can tackle any Commercial Roofing job for our North Richland Hills clients. We have a team of qualified, quality, competent roofers that would offer quality Commercial Roofing workmanship. 

Our processes for Roof Repairs incorporate the very innovative results in the Commercial Roofing industry. Are you wanting to have correctly fixed roofing by a local roofer serving North Richland Hills, Texas? Contact us soon to schedule an appointment for your Roof Repairs needs. 

Are You Looking for a North Richland Hills Roofer for the Need to Get Your Roof Fixed? 

There aren’t many things that might ruin your day sooner than discovering your need to get your roof fixed. Remember – even the most minor need to get your roof repaired. It would become a nightmare if left uncorrected. Don’t let this happen to you.

No matter the hour, you can trust HammerHead Roof to help you when you get hit with the unexpected.

Roofing Problems Aren’t as Simple as You Think, So  Let the Pros at HammerHead Roof Fix It!  

We have helped numerous business owner s to remedy their need to get your roof fixed with our roof Repairs S.

We know that a need to get your roof fixed Could be uncomfortable and inconvenient, so we do everything we can to restore the normalcy of your life with our North Richland Hills Commercial Roofing services.

Everything that we do gets done to the highest standards. We ensure we are up to date on all of the latest codes and standards with our manufacturers and local authorities.

HammerHead Roof has built our unmatchable reputation since 2017, with superior client support along with quality Commercial Roofing workmanship.

Don’t bear the burden of the need to get your roof fixed on yourself any longer, allow HammerHead Roof to guide you through the processes of getting your need to get your roof fixed resolved for good.

Our goal is to complete client approval, which is another reason we offer our GlooMap Site Menu Structure. 

Why Choose HammerHead Roof for Roof Repairs in North Richland Hills, Texas?

Since HammerHead Roof is locally-owned and operated, you can trust that we treat you like our neighbor.

Our roofer’s strong attention to detail and work ethics, passion, commitment, and superb client service are the qualities that set us apart from other roofers. We care about you, your home, and your safety.

HammerHead Roof offers our North Richland Hills clients with the ultimate service: peace of mind.

All of our North Richland Hills team members From all of us at HammerHead Roof know the values that we believe, and they carry out that same level of service to every business owner.

Rely on Our Punctual Team of Roofers 

We have perfected our Roof Repairs methods to offer you the highest quality of expertise but affordable. 

From all of us at HammerHead Roof, we think “Safety First” on all of our projects will ensure you will not experience any accidents caused by a negligent roofer. We abide by all of the safety requirements enforced by the regulating authorities. Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

The secret to providing the highest quality commercial roofing service is our cutting edge equipment and techniques. Don’t waste your time by choosing an under-equipped roofer to handle your commercial roofing services. Real roofer pros will have the latest and greatest equipment and technique to ensure quality service for any project.

So when you hire HammerHead Roof for Roof Repairs in North Richland Hills, TX, you can rest assured that we will get the job done right and on time. Commercial roofing deserves the very leading roofer. 

Reach Out to Our Roofers Today for Roof Repairs 

Our roofers are competent, trained, and skilled to handle any commercial roofing service, no matter how big or small.

We respect your time, so we strive to quickly accomplish any Commercial Roofing service with the highest quality possible. You will find our competitive pricing is tailored for your convenience. We do this to ensure you are content with our commercial roofing services enough to tell a friend.  

If you choose HammerHead Roof for your North Richland Hills Commercial Roofing services, we will strive for your complete satisfaction! 

Located in North Richland Hills, TX, we strive to serve the business owner with Commercial Roofing services. As a local North Richland Hills company, you know we will treat you like a neighbor. We always strive to give you exceptional Commercial Roofing service, as our past reviews show it! Honesty and friendly service keep our neighbors continually coming back to us, so solve their need to get your roof fixed with our commercial roofing services. 

HammerHead Roof is available during our business hours to assist you according to your needs. HammerHead Roof is second to none as a roofer in North Richland Hills, Texas. We treat our neighbors so well that we have grown at a steady rate year after year. HammerHead Roof provides reliable and high-quality commercial roofing services that keep our North Richland Hills clients thankful and delighted. 

Call Us Today! 

At HammerHead Roof, we are proud to be known for our high-quality work and splendid client service.

So, the choice is yours. We think it’s an easy one.  

Get a Quote Now! 

See why HammerHead Roof is the Best Choice roofer in North Richland Hills, TX!

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Why HammerHead Roof?

There are many good options, but there is only one best. Always choose the best – HammerHead Roof.

Local To Tarrant County

For years, we have been the locals’ best choice when it comes to roofing and contracting, and we strive to maintain this reputation for the years to come.

Free Inspections

We care about you and your property, so we offer free inspections on all roofing systems.

Quality Workmanship

It is our ultimate goal to provide quality services to North Richland Hills locals. Our talented pros will never fail you!

Financing Available

We offer free financing, which is another reason you should consider us for your next roofing needs.

We Love What We Do

You only want to entrust your roofing concerns to real professionals who genuinely love what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Happy Family

We primarily offer our services in North Richland Hills, Texas. We also cater to the roofing and contracting needs of our neighboring cities.

Yes, we offer free financing. We can’t wait to help resolve your roofing concerns.

Yes, we also offer free roofing inspections. We want to make sure that the problem is properly diagnosed before we proceed with any procedure.

Our roof replacement service comes with a 2-year transferable workmanship warranty.

Yes, we offer emergency roofing services and emergency tarp services. You can rest assured that we will respond immediately and effectively.

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What Our Customer Says

  • Brian and the crews at Hammerhead Roof were excellent throughout the entire process. When my insurance company wouldn’t hold up their end of the deal, Brian tirelessly defended my interests. He singlehandedly made sure they paid what they owed. The result? My roof was fully covered. And his crew did an excellent job the first time, no rework required. Strongly recommend Brian and Hammerhead Roofing. Thanks Brian!

    Steven Follett Avatar
    Steven Follett

    I’ve had a fantastic experience working with brian on multiple projects at my condo. 10/10 recommend!

    Rebekah Furstenfeld Avatar
    Rebekah Furstenfeld

    These fine people are the most humble and caring that we have ever known. They will take care of your home and restore your home or roof to better than it was before. If you even think you could have damage after a storm, call them and they will fight for you to be restored. They will work for you to get what you deserve for your home. Don’t hesitate, call and see for yourself. I thank them for being honest and helping so many in the area. They’re a blessing to everyone they encounter with, even if they don’t find damage, you will be blessed.

    Jonathan Boles Avatar
    Jonathan Boles
  • They went above and beyond working with my insurance and the city. The new roof looks amazing!

    Kathi Perkins Avatar
    Kathi Perkins

    when Brian first came out to put a tarp over our trouble area he made sure it stayed there! 3-4 months later (still waiting on insurance) and a few major storms the same tarp is still intact! update: finally after a long battle with insurance we got our new roof! the crew arrived just before i left for work and they were completely finished and cleand up spotless before i came home. Great job guys!

    Chris Percy Avatar
    Chris Percy

    “I’ve had a lot of roofs replaced over the years, but Brian and his team did the best job I’ve ever had. What I liked was the fact that they covered the swimming pool completely and there was no landscape damage at all. Also it was very clean after they left. No debris or nails left over. You can use them with confidence.”

    Dwight B. Avatar
    Dwight B.
  • They are a excellent roofing company. Very easy to work with and professional.

    Graves Carey Avatar
    Graves Carey

    “I want to give a shout out to Brian Marin and Hammerhead Roof. They did an excellent job. Brian is super easy to work with and he was very patient with the insurance process. I would highly recommend them for your roofing needs! Thank you, Brian!”

    Shannon P. Avatar
    Shannon P.

    These guys are amazing. They do the legwork and heavy lifting. Honest to boot, you won’t go wrong hiring them to help you out! Brian and his team will take better care of you and your home than anyone else!

    Jillian Hamp Avatar
    Jillian Hamp
  • I have had Brian out to my house to do repairs twice and he has done a phenomenal job. Brian pays attention to detail and makes sure he gets what the insurance is supposed to pay. He works with integrity and dedication. He doesn’t just do roofs either.

    Brian Cambra Avatar
    Brian Cambra

    Brian and his team at hammerhead roofing were proficient fast and professional. We had excellent customer service from Brian himself. We highly recommend this company for all your roofing needs!

    Christina Hallenbeck-Hill Avatar
    Christina Hallenbeck-Hill

    “Hammerhead Roof was the best experience we have ever had of exceptional customer service, quality work, timeliness, professionalism etc of any company we have ever worked with. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to use Brian and Hammerhead Roof… for both home and commercial work. We will never use any other company!”

    Katy B. Avatar
    Katy B.
  • Brian and his team were amazing and instrumental in helping me with our insurance company. He knows the business inside and out and wouldn't let insurance short me. Highly recommend!

    Jared Swart Avatar
    Jared Swart

    Great work and service for both our home and business.

    JP Paeltz Avatar
    JP Paeltz

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We value customer care above all else. We want to make sure that they feel adequately cared for, so we let them enjoy our discounts and business offerings.

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Say hello to HammerHead Roof’s Owner and CFO, Kimberly Joy Marin❕

Kim was born in Michigan, went to college in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and later went to Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California before moving to Texas. Growing up, Kim’s dad was a custom home builder and General Contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kim has been around construction her entire life.

Kim is also the children’s pastor at her church where her and husband met. She teaches the kids that there is no such thing as a jr Holy Spirit and they too have direct access to the Father. Kim enjoys ministry and wants to bring the Kingdom wherever she goes, including HammerHead Roof. Among this, Kim also leads a local infertility support group called Moms in the Making.
Kim enjoys the pool, going on adventures with her family, and is a lover of coffee. Her favorite dessert is pie and her favorite color is pink.

Her favorite shark is the whale shark. She even got to see them a few years ago when her and her family went the Georgia Aquarium.

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