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Statistics say that 77% of all homes in America have inadequate ventilation and you could be one of them. Poor attic ventilation makes your AC unit and furnace work harder, but an effective ventilation system provides a host of year-round benefits.

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    Complimentary Ventilation Assessment

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    Multiple Types & Styles of Roof Vents

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    Improve Your Home’s Energy Rating


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What’s the Big Deal With Ventilation, Anyway?

Not having a proper attic ventilation will cause energy costs to rise. A less obvious, but equally costly consequence to having an improperly ventilated attic system can be found on the roof itself. Over time, excess attic heat can cause shingles to distort and deteriorate. The result is premature failure of roofing materials – and perhaps a leaky roof.

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Honoring Every Relationship

“At Hammerhead Roof, when we say we go above and beyond for our customers, those aren’t empty words. We put in the work to foster long-term relationships by creating authentic connections and providing unforgettable experiences.”

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The Hammerhead Migration

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Step 1: Get in Touch

Get started by reaching out to our friendly team over the phone or by filling out an online form. You’ll never be left waiting around for a reply.

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Step 2: Assess the Property

We’ll quickly come to your home to perform a complimentary 21-point assessment. This will give us a clear picture of your roof’s condition.

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Step 3: determine Solutions

We’ll sit down and determine if you need roof repairs or a replacement. If your roof doesn’t need any service, we’ll provide a bill of health!

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Step 4:review adjuster report

After your insurance adjuster performs their inspection, we’ll review their report and make sure it matches up with our assessment.

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step 5: start the project

When your claim is approved, we’ll show up on your scheduled service date, perform 5-star work, and wrap up with a quality assurance check.


At Hammerhead Roof, we set out to ensure that everyone involved in your project comes out successful.


Homeowner Wins

You win when you only have to pay your deductible.


Insurer Wins

Your insurance company wins when they pay a fair price.


Contractor Wins

Your contracting team wins when they make a fair profit.

Install a Roof, Win a Kayak Excursion

As a part of the Hammerhead experience, our team will take you and your family on a 2-3 hour kayak excursion. All you have to do is schedule a roof replacement!

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Hear it straight from the source

Alicia H.

In 2018 we had our roof replaced with Hammerhead and could not have had a better experience. Fast forward to 2020, we were looking to purchase a new home. Before closing, Brian…

Protect Your Health With Clean Air

Without proper ventilation, attic spaces can quickly overheat and invite mold and mildew. Mold is a threat to respiratory health and is never welcome inside homes. Allowing your attic to breathe eliminates excess moisture and keeps you and your family healthy. Call us today, and we’ll create a plan to improve your attic ventilation!

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Check Out the Hammerhead Difference


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a dedicated point of contact during my project?

Yes, a certified Quality Control Manager will be on-site for every roofing project. You can rely on them to keep you updated and answer any questions you may have.

What is your service area?

We serve a 15-mile radius around North Richland Hills, Texas.

What does the 21-point home assessment involve?

A Certified Solution Expert will conduct a 21-point assessment and will take extensive photos of your entire property, including, but not limited to, the roofing system, chimney, gutters, window screens, AC unit, fence, the attic space, roof ventilation, and more. Depending on the damage found, this assessment could last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.
Every assessment comes with a personal link to the photos of your property and an in-depth Recommended Solution Report sent to your email or phone.

Solving problems.
Building relationships.
Pursuing a righteous outcome.

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