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Siding. It can be a big deal to homeowners who are looking to give their homes a fresh new look. This also can play a big part in your home’s value on the open market. 

Replacing the siding on a home offers one of the biggest returns on investment of any type of home renovation. The only question for inexperienced homeowners in this arena is how to decide between all of the LP Smartside colors available. 

Well, this guide will go into the colors available along with factors to consider before choosing a color. 

Look Into Neighborhood Rules 

One of the biggest challenges you may face is having to deal with a Homeowners Association. Depending on where you are located, a Homeowners Association may restrict what color siding you can add to your house. 

The reason for this restriction tends to be curb appeal. You see, these associations have a goal of keeping their neighborhood as high value as possible for the open market. They want their houses to be able to get sold for the maximum value possible. 

So, having someone who puts a completely different color siding on their house compared to the rest of their neighbors may make their house stand out a little too much. If it is visually displeasing to look at, it could even lower the value of the surrounding houses. 

Make sure that you have the proper permission to use certain colors for siding before going ahead and installing it. 

Look at Your Neighbor’s Houses 

Jumping off of the point above, you should take a close look at your neighbors’ houses. Even if there is no Homeowners Association to restrict you, it could still benefit you to try to put a similar color siding as your neighbors. 

Why is this? The truth is that if you color your house too differently from the neighbors, it is going to stand out too much. 

Yes, you could find a buyer that loves your siding color and wants it for themselves. However, you run the risk of that turning off more of your buyers and lowering the value of your home. 

Good advice here is to play it safe and take the color of your neighbors’ houses into consideration before going ahead with a siding color. 

Look at Color Studies 

Think about what kind of message you want to send with siding colors. 

Do you want a color that jumps out at you? Do you want a color that will match your environment? Or, do you want a color that will symbolize your home as a peaceful place? 

There are color studies such as the one linked here that discuss the human psychological effect of seeing each color. 

For example, red and yellow tend to be colors that stand out the most to the naked eye. When people see blue, they tend to think of peace and serenity. When people see green, they tend to think of nature. 

The point of all of this is that it can be useful to know what people subconsciously think when they see each color. Depending on what you are going for, you may want your house to follow suit. 

Consider Your Environment 

Something else that can come into play here is what type of environment you have around your home. You may have to alter the colors of vinyl siding if your environment contrasts too much with it. 

For example, let’s say that you live on open flat land with no trees around. However, for almost half of the year, it is dark most of the day, and the ground is covered in snow.

In this situation, you may want to avoid going with a dark color. It can appear too depressing in the winter and it can make your house less visible during those dark times of the year. 

However, let’s say your house has multiple big trees surrounding it with green leaves. In this situation, it may not be best to go with a green siding color because it could make your house blend in too much. 

Sometimes, neutral colors can be the way to go if your environment does not have ideal conditions. 

Size of Your Home 

Finally, you need to take the size of your home and the home’s architectural style into account if it stands out compared to the rest of your neighborhood. This applies to both the biggest home and the smallest home in the neighborhood because both can have a negative impact if the wrong colors are on those houses. 

A bigger house with the wrong colors can not only be an eyesore but can also intimidate people into thinking it is too much house for them. 

What about the smallest house in the neighborhood? Let’s say you put bright red siding on this house. It may give this house more attention than you want as the smallest one in the neighborhood. 

In these situations, it may be best to go with a neutral color such as hazel. 

See More LP Smartside Colors 

These are some of the biggest factors you need to consider when looking at LP Smartside colors for the siding on your home. You need to think about the size of your home, what your neighborhood is like, and what the environmental conditions are in your area, along with reading color studies to discover how people could see your home. 

If you do all of this, you should find the right siding color for you. 

Do you want to know more about siding colors? Message us with your questions today. 

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