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In recent years, the roofing industry has been enjoying regular and healthy gains. Experts predict that it will continue to grow at a rate of about 6.8% each year until 2028 at least. However, as this industry flourishes, there is also an increasing need to be careful about roof scams.

Many people are unaware of the growing prevalence of roof repair scams. Even if you know that there are roof scams out there, you may not know how to recognize one when you see it. However, there is also some good news.

There are some simple principles you can apply to make sure that you work with excellent roof repair services when you need them. So how can you spot a roof scam and avoid it?

Read on to learn all about the most vital things to understand about how roof scams work these days!

Avoid Door-to-Door Roofing Scammers

Roofing scammers are much less likely to take the time to put together a quality website. There is also a much lower chance that they will appear on Google Maps. Instead, they often find victims by going from door to door and offering unbelievable deals.

In some cases, a legitimate roof repair service might decide to try to find customers by going door to door. However, you should be much more careful before you agree to work with any roofing contractor who knocks on your door.

In many cases, it is safer to just go with a more established company. If you decide to consider working with a door-to-door roofing contractor, keep in mind that if a deal sounds too good to be true, there is a good chance that it is.

Be Careful About Offers After Storm Damage

Scammers often wait for big storms to try to find new victims. After a huge storm, many homeowners will be looking for roof repair services at the same time.

As a result, they might discover that many of the best roofing companies around are so busy that they will not be able to help them until later. This can cause a lot of frustration and make it more likely that someone will fall for a scam.

If you find yourself presented with an amazing deal right after a storm leaves you with a damaged roof, think twice before you accept. After all, roofing services often have much less need to try to find new customers when a big storm hits.

Ask Your Roofing Contractor Plenty of Questions

Before you seal the deal with the contractor, make sure to ask them questions about their work and their services. You might also want to ask your friends and family questions about roofing services. They will often be able to recommend a quality option to you.

When you ask a supposed roofing contractor questions, look out for any signs that they do not know as much about roofing as they should. If they try to shut down your questions, that can also be a sign that they are trying to scam you.

Learn About Roofing Services Online

Before you sign anything or give any money to a supposed roofing contractor, look them up online. Quality roofing contractors often have plenty of online ratings and reviews that attest to their past work.

They will also tend to leave a digital footprint. Most roofing companies have a website or at least one or more social media pages. If you can’t find anything about a roofing contractor, that may be a sign that they are not a real roofing contractor at all.

Look for a Contractor License

One of the fastest ways to determine if a roofing service is legitimate is to look for a contractor license. You can usually find these licenses on roofing company websites.

Sometimes, even businesses that really do offer roofing services forego getting the proper licensing. Even if they’re not trying to scam you, it is often best to avoid such businesses.

The same principle applies to insurance. If a roofing company foregoes getting insurance, that can be a sign that they tend to cut corners. It also means that you will be at a much higher risk of being left with extra expenses on your hands if anything goes wrong during the roof repair job.

Read Your Contracts Before Signing

These days, some people neglect to read contracts before signing them. However, if you want to avoid roof scams, make sure to read through the contracts they offer you before you sign them.

It is also important to make sure that both parties sign a roof repair contract. Some scammers provide a legitimate contract but then do not sign it themselves after you have given them your signature.

Be Careful With Large Down Payments

Be careful with any roofing company that insists on a large down payment. This is a standard tactic that scammers use. Once they have your money, you will never hear from them again.

At the same time, it is common for legitimate roofing services to ask for a down payment as large as 20% of the total repair costs.

You should also be careful with roofing contractors that insist on cash payments. Most legitimate roofing services are willing to receive payment in a number of different ways.

Know How to Deal With Roof Scams

As roof scams become more common, it is essential that homeowners know how to recognize and avoid them. However, following the tips in this article will make it easy for you to work with only qualified roofing contractors. Being careful about the roofing services you hire is an investment that will more than pay off in the long run.

To learn more about how you can find quality roofing services for your home needs, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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